The truth is that we never thought of being born in a pandemic ... but this situation has only reinforced our conviction to create a brand for enjoyment ... because more than ever every day counts and we have to squeeze it out.

We are born with the concern to value our roots and our way of life. Surrounded by this beautiful sea, its green mountains, our culture and the entrepreneurial spirit, Cantabrico Living is the place where we love where we come from, without complexes and without bullshit !!!

After years dedicated to traveling looking for trends and fashion, we realized that globalization, good for many things, has caused the local identity to be lost ... and that is what we are doing, in creating a brand that keeps "what is ours" and that would combine in one place a whole way of life, "the one from here", "the one from the north" ...

This has only started 

Stay tuned !!!!!

Alejandra and Carla